PG&E renews gold-level sponsorship of the SAP Recognition Award Program for 2014

PG&E continues its level of support as a Gold level sponsor of the SAP Recognition Award Program at SF State's College of Business.

PG&E first became the Gold Sponsor of the SAP Recognition Award Program in December 2012. They have successfully recruited  students from the Information Systems concentration since the start of the sponsorship. Brian Rich, the VP of Information Technology at PG&E, commented that "the sponsorship has paid for itself" because PG&E was able to access to the top SAP Recognition Award recipients as potential hires.

Professor Lutfus Sayeed, Larry Cantieri, John Oliver, and Professor Leigh JinPG&E SAP IT experts Larry Cantieri and John Oliver, who are members of the SAP advisory board at SF State, stated that the Gold Sponsorship demonstrates PG&E's commitment to support public education and serve local communities. They handed the sponsorship check to Professor's Lutfus Sayeed and Leigh Jin at PG&E's headquarters while SF State graduate (IS concentration) Nikola Ivanovic, who is currently working at PG&E, took the picture to capture this memorable moment. 

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