CoB students recruited by PG&E for SAP knowledge from IS courses

James Prossor and Nikola Ivanovic

College of Business seniors Nikola Ivanovic and James Prosser have been recruited by PG&E as interns in the SAP (the industry-leading ERP software system) Design and Testing Team.

The two students will become regular employees at PG&E starting December after they graduate from SF State.

Moreover, they won the first and third places in a poster competition among all 57 interns recruited by PG&E this summer. In addition to PG&E, other companies have expressed interest in recruiting interns from CoB with SAP experience.

Since spring 2012, SF State has provided an opportunity for CoB students to advance their career paths and gain technical skills through the implementation of the SAP Recognition Award certificate program.

This program allows students to use SAP in four courses:

  • ISYS 471 (E-Commerce)
  • ISYS 569 (Business Process Management)
  • ISYS 650 (Business Intelligence)
  • ISYS 663 (IT Project Management).

Students who complete three out of four courses with a grade of C or better receive a SAP Recognition Award certificate issued by SAP.

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PG&E SAP IT experts Larry Cantieri and John Oliver, who are members of the SAP Advisory Board at SF State, commented, “We were impressed with the quality of the interns we have hired. The professors have integrated SAP into the curriculum and this has prepared them well.”

Nikola characterized the SAP integrated courses as “…course curriculums of the highest caliber…that helped expose students to the knowledge, models, and software used by today’s top successful businesses. These real world skills have helped prepare students to become ready to take on the challenges, tasks and jobs coming ahead.”

James concurrs with Nikola, "Having experience with SAP, gained through SFSU's SAP program, provided me with skills necessary for an internship opportunity, followed by a career job offer.

“If you are passionate about business and technology, put your skills to work and secure your future in Information Systems.”

Nikola encourages other students to pursue the SAP Recognition Award certificate.

Professor Paul Beckman, chair of the information systems department at SF State, adds, “These are the types of processes the information systems department is adopting to provide extra value to our academic offerings. The SAP certificate in particular allows our students to leave SF State with one more tool to help them succeed on their career path.”